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It’s the SPA feeling from the time you come in until you leave.

The oh-so-popular brazilian bikini wax began on the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro; where bathing beauties first donned the thong bathing suit, requiring a thong-type-waxing to make it wearable. The date of the first brazilian waxing is unknown, but likely became mainstream in the 1970s, in the sultry South American country of…Brazil.

How did this waxing technique take Atlanta by storm?  In the year 2000, Andreia, left her hometown in Brazil, and landed in Atlanta pursuing a new beginning and her American dream.  While Andreia submersed herself in Atlanta, she could not find a single waxing boutique, that performed waxing services similar to what she grew up with back home. Andreia, saw an opportunity, and Brazilian Wax by Andreia was born.

As clients flooded her first waxing salon, Andreia realized tremendous demand for her waxing services; Brazilian wax, bikini wax, leg wax, arm wax, eyebrow wax, back wax, ear wax, nose wax, or Full Body Wax, if it was possible, Andreia waxed it!  In addition, Brazilian Wax by Andreia offered services for Men!

By 2005, Andreia officially opened her very first, official, Waxing Boutique in Marietta, Georgia.  Andreia imported her own natural, organic wax from Brazil and introduced a new waxing technique, to Metro Atlanta.  This combined with Brazilian Wax by Andreia’s unusually low pricing and customer service took Atlanta by storm.  Andreia quickly became a disruptor in Atlanta’s hair removal and waxing industry.

I love this place and they have great service. I have bad skin reaction to any waxing except this place. I have been going there for almost a year and only with one bad experience (a lot of in-grown hair afterward). I will highly recommend make an appointment ahead of time because they can have really, really long wait for any walk-ins.
Amy Nelson
Amy Nelson
This place is great! This was my first time here and the ladies here were very warming especially Larissa. She made the experience pleasant and as comfortable as possible. This place is affordable and I would definitely recommend to try this place!
Kelly Ston
It doesn’t matter which location I end up going to, I think this is my third location. Amazing staff! No matter which person, they always make me feel comfortable. For $35 I can’t complain. Best to schedule an appointment, they become busy at sporadic times. Ms. Andreia, you have trained these girls well. As long as I live in GA, I will continue to be a client.
Stacie Allen

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