Arm Waxing

If you want the best arm wax in Atlanta, look no further than Brazilian Wax by Andreia. We can remove unwanted arm and underarm hair gently, safely and quickly, and we are very excellent at what we do. We use premium products to leave the skin feeling soft and silky. So regardless of what body part you want waxed; our trained estheticians will make it happen. What is the difference between underarm, half-arm and full-arm waxing?
The underarm is relatively self-explanatory as the armpit area get waxed. The half-arm removes the hair from the wrist to the elbow and the FULL ARM removes the hair all the way up to the shoulder area.
Underarm: Client starts out by laying on the waxing table and rising their arm. Then either soft or hard wax is applied to underarm area, then removed. Finalize by tweezing and clearing the skin of the wax with baby oil. Half arm: Wax is applied to either the upper or lower arm and then removed. Full arm: Wax is applied to the entire arm then removed. This service takes anywhere from 3-5 minutes depending on the individual person.


$10.00 Eyebrows
$5.00 Upper Lip
$5.00 Chin
$10.00 Underarm
$20.00 Half arm
$25.00 Full arm
$25.00 Half leg
$40.00 Full Leg
$25.00 Bikini Line
$35.00 Brazilian Wax
$20.00 Back
$15.00 Back Brazilian
$10.00 Buttocks
$20.00 Stomach
$10.00 Nose

Full Body Special (Includes Upper Lip, Underarm, Full Leg, & Brazilian Wax)$65.00

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