Back Brazilian Waxing

If you want the best back wax in Atlanta, look no further than Brazilian Wax by Andreia. We can remove unwanted back hair gently, safely and quickly, and we are very excellent at what we do. We use premium products to leave the skin feeling soft and silky. So regardless of what body part you want waxed; our trained estheticians will make it happen.
This type of waxing removes all the hair from the back side of your intimate area. If all of the hair is removed, it’s called a full Brazilian. The treatment originates from Brazil, but was popularized in the United States in New York City over twenty years ago. While the J Sisters are credited with the popularity of the Brazilian Wax in the United States; Brazilian Wax by Andreia has certainly become the only truly Authentic Brazilian Wax house in Atlanta; thus increasing the popularity of the Brazilian Wax in the Southeast. Interestingly, in Brazil; they simply call it a wax.
Back Brazilian Wax: client will lay on their stomach while wax is applied to the inner buttocks area.

but weren’t sure because of the pain or your modesty, go ahead and give it a try! There is a very good reason the Brazilian Wax (and waxing in general) has become very popular. Remember, when you decide to do it, come to Brazilian Wax by Andreia where they have been serving the Atlanta area over 7 years and have the art of waxing down to a science. To learn more or schedule a Brazilian Waxing appointment please contact us. We have convenient locations throughout Georgia in Alpharetta, Atlanta. Lawrenceville, Marietta, and Midtown. .


$10.00 Eyebrows
$5.00 Upper Lip
$5.00 Chin
$10.00 Underarm
$20.00 Half arm
$25.00 Full arm
$25.00 Half leg
$40.00 Full Leg
$25.00 Bikini Line
$35.00 Brazilian Wax
$20.00 Back
$15.00 Back Brazilian
$10.00 Buttocks
$20.00 Stomach
$10.00 Nose

Full Body Special (Includes Upper Lip, Underarm, Full Leg, & Brazilian Wax)$65.00

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